Embark with PONANT on a brand-new cruise from Zanzibar to South Africa visiting the Comoros, Mayotte and Madagascar. This 15-day itinerary aboard Le Jacques-Cartier will be an opportunity to discover the contrasting sides of these incredible countries, between breathtaking natural beauty and bustling metropolises.
Starting at $6880.00+
PONANT invites you on a new itinerary in the Indian Ocean. From Mauritius to Zanzibar through Reunion Island and Madagascar, take a 15-day cruise aboard Le Jacques-Cartier to enjoy beaches, diving and nautical activities, and to discover endemic fauna and flora as well as places of breathtaking natural beauty that few tourists visit.
Starting at $6880.00+
Set off to encounter age-old civilisations during an all-new 8-day cruise in Asia aboard Le Lapérouse. Following this itinerary, PONANT invites you to discover the Land of the Rising Sun and China, countries that live at the pace of their huge cities but are soothed by the serenity of their landscapes.
Starting at $3970.00+
Your adventure begins the moment you step aboard. With nearly 900 staterooms with balconies, you'll awaken each day to a new horizon. Experience the relaxed ambiance onboard and tantalizing cuisine in our elegant dining rooms. Enrich yourself with Discovery at SEA™ programs and unwind at the The Sanctuary, a tranquil haven reserved for adults.
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There's never been a better time to book than during the Princess Cruises Best. Sale. Ever. Not only is this an offer we've never done before, but also it's worth $95 of value per day.
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Set sail from Scotland and its beautiful isles en route to the Norwegian fjords and the remote shores of Svalbard on this dazzling 21-day odyssey along the fjord coastline of Norway. Explore the glaciers that carved the stunning landscapes, visit arctic islands by Zodiac in search of wildlife, walk through history at UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and so much more. Every day of this journey reveals a new icy wonderland on the water. From close-up encounters with icebergs and glaciers to the reg...
Starting at $8839.15+
Discover some of Scandinavia's most remote and spectacular coastal scenery, from the picturesque fishing village of Skagen in Denmark to Sweden's enchanting Weather Islands and Norway's fjord-laced western coast.
Starting at $9570.00+